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For centuries ancient “sweat lodges” have been used by many cultures to bring relief from disease and enhance beauty. Today medical professionals recommend regular sauna use to treat a variety of conditions.

The Sweat Shack® is a multi-faceted Sauna Sweat Boutique. We offer the elements of a Finnish Sauna Experience through Sauna Bathing as well as the familiar luxury of Urban Infrared Sweat Therapy.  With the use of Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, Heat and Löyly (the Finnish term for ‘steam’, or using water over hot stones to create steam), we have designed an environment that enlivens the senses and promotes restoration of the Spirit, Soul and Body.
Improve fitness performance, soothe aching muscles, increase endurance.  Encourage recovery pre & post workout
fighting illness
Boost your overall wellness and immune system.  Support your body for a faster recovery from illness.
skin health
Improve tone and elasticity.  See relief from acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars, stretch marks, lesions and cellulite.
Help balance hormones and the symptoms of 'Manopause' & Menopause.  Improve brain function, feel stronger AND boost your sex drive!
detox & weightloss
Release dangerous toxins in the body and encourage natural anti-inflammatory benefits while burning calories!
healing & pain
Realize relief from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasms, back pain, whiplash, menstrual pain, insomnia and more.
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All of our saunas at The Sweat Shack are private for individual use. Each of our specially constructed Shack sauna rooms are designed for the comfort and ease and privacy of our discerning guests.

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We didn't just decide one day that we loved saunas ... infrared heat therapy and sauna bathing has literally saved us. Inspired by the healthy and happy lifestyle of the people of Finland and their love over the centuries for their saunas, we feel it is our mission to share this amazing experience and treatment with YOU so that you can #feelhealth today! You are meant to feel well and thrive. The Sweat Shack is here to help you do just that.
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Which Boutique?

Which Boutique?