We are SO happy to see you and we’re committed to helping you #feelhealth TODAY! Learn more about what we’re doing to help you be well.

What we do BEST

The Sweat Shack has ALWAYS gone above and beyond to provide a safe and exceedingly clean environment for our guests and that priority continues to be our focus as we welcome YOU!

We like to see our Shack SPARKLE!

That may seem a little silly to say but we really mean it!  Our regular practice of thoroughly cleaning each of our Kuuma and Urban Heat Cabins, as well as every sauna stall environment before and after each use, is UNWAVERING.  An added benefit to our saunas and heat cabins is that they are made from non-treated and naturally anti-bacterial, antifungal woods (cedar, hemlock and spruce) which ensure a safe and sanitary space to enjoy your heat therapy treatment.  Additionally, all of our common use areas are cleaned throughout the day without exception and any surfaces used (credit card machine, ipads, etc…) will be wiped down after use.

Keepin' clean with CLEAN cleaners (try saying that 10 times fast)

At The Shack we firmly believe that being as organic and natural as possible is the key to maintaining a safe and healthy environment.  Since The Sweat Shack’s beginning we have made it our policy to never use abusive or harsh chemicals, especially in or around our saunas or our Shack environment.  Our organic and natural cleaners meet and exceed safety standards without bringing harm to YOU.

You MUST NOT wear a mask while in the sauna.

Appointments and Walk-Ins

The Kuuma Finnish Sauna and Urban Sweat Heat Cabin ambiance and peaceful experience we are BEST known for remains the same.  Our select offerings of pre-packaged healthy and organic snacks, kombuchas, wellness shots, and specialty bottled water will be available for purchase before or after your session. You may also enjoy a complimentary tea from our tea station, as well as pink Himalayan salt for replenishing after your sweat session upon request.

What we need from YOU

PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY.  We recommend doing so before and after your heat therapy session and we’re never in short supply of soap and water (btw it’s recommended you hum a little tune while washing for 20 seconds or more).  Additionally we will be providing hand sanitizer for quick and easy accessibility.

Learn more about the recommended CDC Guidelines

We can't wait to see you soon!