A Message From Our CWO

A Message From Our CWO:

“Your HEALTH is our #1 and that is why we choose to stay OPEN to serve our community”.

It is rare to find a company who has a Chief Wellness Officer who devotes her entire self into researching how our bodies function and promoting healthy ways to fight sickness and disease.

“Keep it SIMPLE. Enjoy a nice walk and let yourself soak up some Vitamin D (your best weapon). Eliminate sugar and fuel your body with real organic foods. Sleep. Move your body and DONT STRESS! Fear and chronic stress are the number one cause of emergency room visits. Oh! And one more thing....get into a SAUNA😊”.


“Our Sauna Boutique’s are a private space where you can come relax and build up your bodies natural immunity to fight any sickness or disease. That is why the Mayo Clinic recommends sauna use for their cancer and heart patients”.

Did you Know 💦
Fever is a core mechanism by which your body fights viral infection. You can simulate a fever by raising your core body temperature in a sauna, steam bath, or by engaging in physical movement to induce sweating

The Science 💦
A number of studies have investigated the antiviral effects of sauna bathing. For example, a clinical study involving 50 volunteers showed regular sauna bathers had half the rate of common cold compared to nonusers. Those who use a sauna at least two or three times per week also have a lower risk of influenza and pneumonia

The Benefits 💦
Sauna use kills bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses and boosts your immune function by increasing white blood cell, lymphocyte, neutrophil and basophil counts. By elevating your core temperature your body also releases heat shock proteins that help block the replication of influenza viruses

Why we stay OPEN 💦
Coronaviruses (as a general group) incubate in your sinuses for about three days before moving down into your lungs, and appears to be destroyed by temperatures around 133 degrees F (56 degrees Celsius), which can easily be reached in a sauna.

The Sweat Shack 💦
Our guests enjoy our Kuuma Saunas at approx 175 degrees and Urban Heat Cabins at approx 155-160 degrees


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