Clean Juice: 'Be Organic' Podcast: LISTEN NOW!

August 3, 2020

If you haven't yet heard our Sweat Shack Founder and Chief Wellness Officer, Jenifer Felan, on the 'Be Organic' podcast - NOW is the time!  Learn about the benefits of sauna use and infrared heat to strengthen the body's natural immune system and create wellness and well-being to the Spirit, Soul and Body.


2:20 How Jen came into the sauna world

4:40 Battling autoimmune

10:55 What is infrared heat and how does it help us? 

13:30 Russia & Finland

16:21 Sauna (thermal) cycling

18:30 Just how multifaceted is infrared sauna therapy 

20:30 Relaxation 

25:08 How often do you use the sauna? 

26:25 Can you get vitamin D from the infrared sauna?

28:20 Any reasons not to use the sauna?