HCL – What is it and why is it important?

January 6, 2019

If you have started the new year with a resolution to give yourself the gift of health, I want to be the first to say how happy I am and to let you know that I am here for YOU!  My sole purpose for opening The Sweat Shack® was to help others ‘Feel Health’, and I speak from personal experience.  After years of battling many health issues and an auto-immune disorder, I learned how to be the best I can be for my own body which led me to become a Certified Organic Health Practitioner so that I can share what I know and help others.  We are all here for a purpose but we can not realize that purpose if our bodies are struggling.

One of the most common issues I hear from clients and guests of our Shack is the sense of always feeling bloated and blahh.  Along with this bloating an excessive amount of gas is also common, in turn often translating into acid reflux or gerd (gastro esophageal reflux disease). The most common reason for this condition is an unhealthy level of stomach acid or HCL – hydrochloric acid.  HCL is a natural component of our gastric juices/gastric acid and it is produced by the cells in the stomach.  This acid protects us from a number of important things but its main function is protecting us from infection. Healthy levels of gastric fluids help break down the food we eat so we can absorb their nutrients and get rid of waste.  With unhealthy levels of HCL in our stomach the functions of breakdown and absorption are hindered and our bodies become unbalanced and sick.

The most common misconception about this condition is that there is too much acid in the body (causing the bloating, gas, and gerd).  This diagnosis results in doctors prescribing proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, and others to provide quick relief.  According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD these medications are extremely dangerous.  “Although proton pump inhibitors are very effective in relieving the pain, they are going to make the condition worst.”  He continues by stressing that these overprescribed medications create tolerances in the body so that a dependency on the medication is developed and the symptoms they are intended to quell become worst.  According to Dr. Mercola it is important that if you are on any of these medications you start today to gradually wean yourself off of them, reducing your dosage daily until you have eliminated the medication all together.

*Please note that you should never stop taking these medications cold turkey.  A progressive reduction to elimination is the recommended safe way to eliminate these from your body.

Here is the GOOD NEWS!  You can start today to make healthy life modifications so that your body can naturally heal itself, balance its HCL levels and relieve the miserable bloats, blahhs and burps.

Below is Dr. Mercola’s list of recommended actions toward achieving gut health and appropriate levels of HCL:

    Food allergies and Toxins are the first things you need to address. The key culprits being caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine (smoking or chew).  It is important to eliminate these in order to put your body in an optimal state to start the process toward healing.

    Because this condition is not a problem of too much acid but rather too little acid, it is important to encourage your body to produce enough HCL.  The most simple and basic way to help achieve this is to give it enough of the raw material it needs by consuming a high quality sea salt or un-processed salt.  Dr. Mercola recommends Himalayan Pink Sea Salt which provides the body with the chloride that it needs to make HCL in addition to over 80 trace minerals to help it perform optimally biochemically.
    You can also supplement with a good Betaine HCL that is available at any health food store without a prescription.  It is an acid and is another way to give your body a boost on acid production and gut health.
    This is essential to healing the gut because the bloated and blahh condition most likely has an infection component to it.  Vitamin D, preferably received through exposure to the sun, helps to optimize the production of 200,000,000 microbial peptides that help eliminate and eradicate infection.
    Exercise improves the body’s immune system as does eating the right kinds of foods.  Cutting out processed foods and sugars will help the body create the necessary bacterial growth in the gut and intestine to help build the immune system. It is also important to increase consumption of fermented foods to add in the creation of healthy bacteria and encourage the stabilizing environment of the gut.

Say GOOD BYE to the bloating and the blahhhs and come on in to our Shack today for a healthy detoxing sweat and to pick up a bottle Himalayan Sea Salt to help you on your journey to #FeelHealth!

#feelhealth TODAY!