Why now more than ever it is important to SWEAT

June 9, 2020

Boost your Immune System the Natural Way!

As we all emerge from the cocoon COVID-19 placed us in over the past few months it is easy to become overwhelmed by the information/misinformation being put out promising quick fixes to remedy and snuff out the memory of what the virus brought upon our communities and our lives.  


At The Sweat Shack we want to make it clear that right now you need to be EXTREMELY leery of anyone or any business that is telling you what they have to offer or what they sell will cure or prevent COVID-19.  We strive to always tell the truth  – and one day we will be more armed with the information and remedies for this terrible disease, however right now we want to provide you with the truths that are known so that you can be educated and make sound decisions for yourself and your health.


Here’s what we know - regular sauna use is beneficial in strengthening pulmonary health and studies done in Finland on the frequency of sauna use reflect a reduced rate of respiratory illness the more times a week a person participates in heat therapy / sauna-bathing.  According to Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D,  “Robust evidence demonstrates that sauna use promotes mild hyperthermia, which in turn, induces a wide array of beneficial physiological responses. These responses reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and activate cellular defense systems such as heat shock proteins, which provide protection against many diseases.” 


Research has shown the level of heat shock proteins (HSP) can increase by 50% in healthy men and women after 30minutes in a sauna at a temperature of 163° F.  Additionally, being acclimated to heat (with regular sauna use) not only shows increases in the body’s production of higher levels of HSP but shows to be even more beneficial for HSP development under stressful conditions, such as cell and tissue injury. Also, it is important to note that as our body ages we make less HSP naturally so the assistance of regular sauna use is an excellent way to give your body the boost it needs to feel well and be strong.


According to Dr. Patrick there is increasing evidence showing HSP plays an important role in both innate and adaptive immunity.  Heat shock proteins can directly stimulate and regulate the innate immune response which plays an important role in the ability of the body to fight off a disease it has never been exposed to before.  In addition to directly impacting the immune function, HSP has also been shown to inhibit viral activity and replication such as influenza virus A.  We know that sweating detoxes but the added benefits on a cellular level is what makes regular sauna use a critical tool available for us all to help build strong and healthy bodies.


More studies are being done to learn about the wide-ranging effects of sauna use and the impact it may have to the immune system and its ability to fight off infection.  As we learn more we will be adding to the ever growing list of reasons WHY NOW MORE THAN EVER IT IS IMPORTANT TO SWEAT!  


Our continued promise and pledge at TheSweat Shack is to follow the facts and keep you up to date on the informationYOU need to know.  At The Sweat Shack we offer two unique heat therapy services:  the Kuuma in the style of the Finnish Sauna Experience throughSauna Bathing; as well as the familiar luxury of our panel infrared Urban SweatHeat Cabins.  Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, Heat and Löyly (the Finnish term for ‘steam’ or using water over hot stones to create steam), all work together to enhance our carefully designed environment curated to enliven the senses and promote restoration of the Spirit, Soul and Body.


Be a part of the #feelhealth movement and begin your journey to wellness through regular sauna use today.  Be sure to join our Sweat Tribe, follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list to keep informed and learn about our amazing services and specials!


We highly recommend you watch Dr.Patrick’s video below on sauna use and COVID-19:

Learn more from Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D