The AHHHH-MAZING Sweet Potato

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Super Food Hero:  Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are a staple during Holiday festivities and feasts, but we LOVE these orange hued beauties year-round for their unbelievable health benefits and nutrition.  They are loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins, and beneficial antioxidants.  What isn’t there to love about this amazing super-food?!


Here are a few Sweet Potato Fun Facts:

High in Fiber:  Sweet potatoes deliver a power-punch of goodness with their high fiber content (approximately 4 grams in a medium tuber with skin), significantly more than their cousins the white potato. This fiber content assists in satiety and can help cut cravings to encourage weight loss.

Skin Health:  These amazing tubers get their beautiful orange color from carotenoids, beta-carotene being an abundant carotenoid found in sweet potatoes.  These carotenoids help the body form Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that can protect cells from sun damage, stimulate collagen production and help make the skin look healthier.

Immunity:  The high levels of vitamin C, B6 and vitamin A found in sweet potatoes help to stimulate the production of immune cells and can enhance our body’s ability to fight off infection and sickness.

Gut Health:  Sweet potatoes are high in manganese, an important trace mineral that has many vital functions such as nutrient absorption, production of digestive enzymes, bone development and immune-system defenses.  Manganese helps the body’s chemical synthesis of nutrients like cholesterol, carbohydrates and proteins, and can reduce and regulate blood sugar levels. Because of this they make a great choice for easing digestion (a nice bit of knowledge as we enter in to the ‘Season of Eating’).


There are as many reasons to love Sweet Potatoes as there are recipes to create delicious dishes with them.  One of our Shack Team tried and true favorites is Clean Eating Magazine’s “Sweet Potato Flatbread”. This gluten-free recipe can be created as a main dish, side dish, snack or appetizer and we think it overshadows the cauliflower crust with its taste and versatility!