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The Benefits of Finnish Sauna vs a Heat Cabin

At The Sweat Shack® we offer our guests two ways to experience the benefits of Heat Therapy:  Our Kuuma Finnish Sauna Experience and the Shack’s Urban Sweat Infrared Heat Cabin. Both offer benefits to the body, and though very different from each other, we are proud to be able to provide these two options for our Sweat Tribe family.

Kuuma Finnish Sauna Experience:

Our invigorating Sauna Experience – Kuuma, embraces the Finnish love and passion for Sauna Bathing and incorporates their six core values of this practice:  authenticity, multi-sensory, mindfulness and presence, relaxation, cleanliness, and well-being.  With our Kuuma Sauna Experience guests will sit back and relax as they enjoy the restorative effects of Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy (color light therapy), with Heat and Löyly (the Finnish term used for steam and the act of using water over hot stones to create steam). What makes this Sauna experience unique is that our guests can control the heat of the sauna through Löyly, allowing for a more robust and personalized experience. Practicing Löyly in conjunction with Sauna Cycling (the act of cycling in and out of the sauna to heat up and cool down the body and encourage the healing and health benefits of HSP / Heat Shock Proteins) is what makes our Kuuma Sauna experience so exceptional.

Our Sweat Shack® saunas are crafted for us in Finland with hemlock and nordic spruce, offering an environment that is free of harsh chemicals, toxic glues or sealants. Every aspect of this Kuuma Sauna has been thought through to enhance your time and meet the high standards set forth by our Finnish friends.  Enjoy the sounds of nature and calming melodies through a non-invasive sound system along with the scents of pure fragrances from nature – all perfectly designed to inspire our guests to use this time to unwind and recuperate from the daily stresses and challenges of life.  
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Urban Sweat Infrared Heat Cabin:

With the Urban Sweat Heat Cabin our guests will enjoy a gentle heat at a lower temperature without the distraction or EMFs present in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or television exposure. This direct heat is most beneficial for those desiring a detoxing effect. The heat is invisible and penetrates the skin several inches beneath the surface increasing your core body temperature. Our superior Heat Cabins provide the same healing heat used in babies incubators to bring relief from disease and maximize beauty indulgences.

Our Urban Sweat Heat Cabins are constructed of 100% PEFC™ Western Red Cedar. Often referred to as ‘The Tree of Life’, Cedar has long been known for its strength and vitality and at The Sweat Shack our specially crafted cedar Heat Cabins offer a clean and hygienic environment free of harsh chemicals, toxic glues or sealants. Our soothing music is played through a non-invasive sound system inspiring our guests to use this time for meditation and to escape the stresses of life.  Color Light Therapy, also known as Chromotherapy, is provided in a range of therapeutic color options and paired with holistic aromatherapy scents to enhance the overall experience.
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About EMF's
More Fun Facts:

relaxation ▪️

“At its purest, the Finnish Sauna Experience provides a chance to be present with all your senses. Hurry, exhaustion and stress have become parts of many everyday lives. Is it no wonder that at the end of the day, we find it difficult to relax and fall asleep? Forget the pressing realities of your day for a moment. No passwords, emails or addictive social media are needed in the sauna. The sauna acts as a foundation for creative thinking.” Carita Harju

The Sweat Shack takes pleasure in providing our guests with peaceful soundscapes, scents from nature and an escape from the pressures of life.

“Sauna bathing recharges the body and mind with pleasure and well being. Your peace of mind could be the most important health effect of the sauna. After bathing, you are cleaner inside and more receptive to life.”
Sauna from Finland

improve fitness ▪️

The “secret weapon” for Finnish endurance athletes as well as big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and his entire XPT Team know the importance of using a sauna post-workout during their recovery sessions.

Increasing your core temperature for short periods, as is done by using “heat shock” may offer dramatic improvements to your athletic and fitness performance. This concept, called “hyperthermic conditioning,” may have multiple positive effects on your body, from
increased endurance to the release of human growth hormone (HGH) and the growth of new brain cells. As your body is subjected to reasonable amounts of heat stress, it gradually becomes acclimated to the heat, prompting a number of beneficial changes to occur in your body. Always listen to your body when deciding how much heat stress you can tolerate. Sauna Bathing at least once per week in higher temperatures compliment your everyday exercise routines.

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fight illness▪️

According to Finnish study, visiting the sauna reduces the risk of heart attack by as much as 63%, extending the life of sauna bathers by several years! The Mayo Clinic says, regular sauna bathing in a Finnish Style Sauna is a therapeutic measure in fighting off sickness and many types of disease. To avoid the onset of illness a regular weekly sauna bath regimen done correctly with its heat and cooling stimuli is required.

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restore skin health▪️

Your skin is the largest organ and is a reflection of what is going on in your body. Regular sauna therapy can improve the tone, clarity, and elasticity of the skin, slow the aging process and reduce the effects of sun damage leaving your skin as soft as a baby’s bum. Increased blood circulation has also been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars & stretch marks, lesions, and cellulite. The increased heart rate and localized blood circulation works together to stop fatty deposits and fibrosis from accumulating liquids in the fat cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Nutrient-rich blood is brought to the surface by increased circulation, which allows essential vitamins and minerals to help fill in the gaps between skin cells and plump up tiny wrinkles, while deterring future collagen breakdown.

detox & encourage weightloss ▪️

Our bodies are exposed to toxic substances everyday. They are in the food we eat and the air we breathe, and expelling them is our only way to maintain our body’s health. During sauna bathing you lose weight, BUT you do not become slimmer! On the average, people sweat about half a liter of fluid during the sauna therapy. Drink up!

Cellulite is caused by fluid retention, lack of circulation, weak collagen structure and increased body fat. Our guests are excited to find a noticeable reduction of these unattractive lumps and bumps by sweating excess fluids and stored fat that may break down connective tissue.

No time to exercise? Injuries limit your exercise ability? Sweating can significantly expedite the detoxification process, which can enhance your natural metabolic processes.

assist in healing & pain relief ▪️

In much of the world it is common practice for people to blindly and automatically reach for a pill, potion or surgery in an effort to find some sort of quick fix for their pain. In Finland, however, the regular use of saunas IS their “national medicine”! According to Jordan Rubin, our bodies were designed to “heal themselves” without the horrible and expensive side effects that most prescription drugs can cause. Interestingly, 90% of Finns use the sauna on a weekly basis since the beneficial effects of one sauna bath session lasts for about a week; increasing their population’s overall health and well-being.  Is it any wonder Finland continues to make and win Forbes’ List of the ‘Happiest Countries in the World’?!

The therapeutic benefits of this heat therapy include healing and pain relief from numerous ailments, including:
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Muscle Spasms
Back Pain
Menstrual Pain

Sauna Therapy focuses on your body directly, targeting your muscles and joints, relaxing them and providing pain relief, increasing mobility of sore and tired muscles, and helping your body recover from injury and pain in less time.

enhance vitality ▪️

Get ready! Did you know that the Finnish Style Sauna Experience provides 3X the amount of infrared exposure than the use of infrared carbon/ceramic panels? Regular sauna bathing has been known to help balance hormones, improve brain function and sex drive.

"Similar to what taking Viagra would do, regular far infrared sauna therapy could improve male sexual function significantly. Research shows that this simple technique may improve heart function, too.”
Dr. Jonathan Wright

Infrared stimulates the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS) within blood vessel walls. This leads to the production of more nitric oxide within blood vessels, which, in turn, leads to blood vessel relaxation, lower blood pressure and increased sexual function.

Ladies and Gents may find
relief from the many symptoms of Menopause & ‘Manopause’, including insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and cloudy thinking. Feel stronger and get your sexy on!

which should you chose?▪️

When starting a health and wellness program it is important to make sure that you listen to your body.  Both our Kuuma Finnish Sauna Experience and our Urban Sweat Infrared Heat Cabin will provide benefit and relief.  Below are our suggestions if you would like some guidance in helping select which option is best for your particular situation.

- Relaxation:    Kuuma Finnish Sauna & Urban Sweat
- Improves Fitness:  Kuuma Finnish Sauna
- Fights Illness:  Kuuma Finnish Sauna
- Restore Skin Health:  Kuuma Finnish Sauna
- Detox & Encourage ‘Weight Loss’:  Kuuma Finnish Sauna & Urban Sweat
- Assist in Healing & Pain Relief:  Kuuma Finnish Sauna & Urban Sweat
- Enhance Vitality:  Kuuma Finnish Sauna


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Electromagnetic Fields - EMF

At The Sweat Shack® your safety is our top priority.  This is why we do NOT offer Bluetooth, WiFi hookups, or television viewing during your sauna experience.  Use of this technology is counter-productive and a primary source of high emf exposure.

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Which Boutique?

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